Would you like to have a permanent follow-up on your tax situation? MDG Services can ensure the smooth management of your tax returns thanks to our experience in the outsourcing of corporate taxation.



The Tax Filing Officer will be responsible for the preparation, filing or tele-filing of your tax return, and the retrieval or download of your tax return receipt, in accordance with the applicable tax provisions. He will take care of all the procedures and will be your contact with the tax administration.

MDG Services offers you a quality service with experienced and qualified personnel in the field of corporate taxation. The benefits of working with us are that you will have your tax returns well managed on time, and you will save time managing other activities and mobilizing other people on your main activity.

Our method of work:

1 - Identify your tax system:

For a company in the process of formation, we analyze the forecast elements available during the pre-creation phase, where different criteria relating to the project are studied to identify the company's tax system.The purpose of the analysis is to optimize the various taxes and rights to be paid by the company, mainly according to the volume of the planned operation and the activity of your company.

As for a corporation already formed where the tax system is already determined, we move directly to the second method.

2- Set up a dashboard:

Tax returns to be filed vary depending on the tax regime of a corporation. The periodicity of the periodic reports is either monthly or fortnightly. Setting up the dashboard makes it easy to track each return, starting from the date the report must be collected to the date the return is submitted to the tax center managing your records.

3- Set the transmission mode:

In the case of an outsourced benefit, we define together the method of transmitting the preparation elements of tax returns. You will have the choice between making available to your tax filer the accounting elements related to the accounting (book export), or providing him just the reporting elements themselves. The transmission can be done by any means of communication adapted to your needs (emails, google drive, dropbox..). Transmittal of tax returns will be done in the same way with one of these tools.

What are the duties of a tax filer?

As an interlocutor with your tax records manager, the tax filer will perform any task that relates directly to your tax returns, while ensuring consistency between the items recorded and the items reported to the IRS.

1- Preparation of tax returns:

With the dashboard in place when the benefit starts, your tax filer is required to follow this strategic plan in terms of timelines to prevent potential risks related to late filing. It is the responsibility of the bank to send you the declaration for validation and payment. Upon receipt of your approval and payment notices, we will be able to initiate the filing or tele-declaration procedures and follow up until the collection or availability of the deposit and payment receipt.

2- Interlocutor role:

The tax filer is your contact with the service managing your files. This leverage role will be fully responsible for the submission of statements and their contents.

3- Informational watch:

Business taxation is subject to change with every development of Finance Act. It is important to be informed about these developments in order to control your company’s tax system and not be penalized.

Contract terms

  • Flexible working hours
  • Without notice commitment
  • Monthly Billing



You benefit from the advantages of a team with successful tax experiences. You will have a guarantee on the effectiveness of a competent resource that you may not have internally

Gain and Profitability

By placing your tax return in the hands of an outsourced tax filer, you can spend more time at your core business. Our services are evaluated according to the treatment performed, unless you opt for a full-time supply.


As long as the availability times are flexible, you can optimize your schedule in this direction. The services offered by MDG Services are also flexible, depending on the size of your business (small, medium or large) and your budgets.