MDG Services is a consulting firm that assists entrepreneurs and project managers in their administrative procedures in Madagascar. As a member of the Softibox group, MDG Services makes its expertise available to guarantee quality services without "kolikoly" to meet the changing needs of the business world


Assistance to expatriation

For an expatriate in Madagascar, MDG Services supports you in your various steps: establishment of administrative files, monitoring progress of applications ...

Business Creation Support

MDG Services assists you in your business creation project by providing you with advice based on your activity and by taking the administrative steps on your behalf until the proof of registration is obtained.

Administrative assistance to Human Resources

The Human Resources administrative component can be particularly time-consuming. MDG Services offers to free you from these tasks while ensuring a legislative and social watch. Also, while ensuring that you are always in compliance with the regulations.

Tax Assistance

Failure to meet fiscal deadlines can be particularly expensive in Madagascar. By entrusting your tax administration to MDG Services, you are sure to file your tax returns on time and to benefit from effective assistance in your decision-making.

Ledger outsourcing

By entrusting your company's accounting to a team of qualified accountants in partnership with an accounting and financial expert, you can dedicate yourself to the heart of your business. This outsourcing guarantees the establishment of accounts according to the provisions of the Malagasy General Accounting Plan and the respect of the provisions in force


Trust and transparency:

Our estimates do not hide any costs and include in addition to actual production costs all analysis and audit costs. The costs to be paid to the Malagasy administration are always indicated in addition.

Zero corruption:

The fight against corruption is part of our properties. The results we obtain come from an excellent knowledge of the Malagasy legislation and administrative workings. Our integrity has no cash value.


MDG Services provides a permanent legislative watch to enable its services to evolve according to the context. We try to publish on our social networks information that is of interest to entrepreneurs