You want to optimize your billing without having to mobilize resources internally? MDG Services can provide you with an experienced billing manager to handle the various billing and collection tasks.


In large structures, billing is usually handled by the accounting department, in small structures it is often the manager who takes care of it. By opting for the provision of a Billing Manager, you can transfer to various tasks related to billing (editing, tracking, etc.) while limiting your administrative procedures related to recruitment. MDG Services guarantees you the availability of qualified and competent resources with punctual and periodic work. All documents are available in real time.


1- Analysis of your needs :

identify tasks to delegate to the remote billing manager according to your industry, identify profiles adapted to your needs and propose you a schedule of start-up time

2- Process creation :

describe the work procedures in line with your expectations to optimize outsourcing, present the pre-selected candidates meeting the required criteria, determine the outsourcing criteria (duration of the trial period, various supports).

3- Validation of means :

confirm the human resources among the candidates presented and validate the appropriate technical means as reliable communication tools

4- Transition to outsourcing

What are the duties of the billing manager?

The billing manager will take charge of the editing of your invoices, the analysis of the production and the invoices as well as the recovery of the unpaid invoices until the archiving.

1. Invoice editing and transmission

Not only will all invoices be issued by the billing manager at your disposal, but you will be convinced of a job well done. Our experience and expertise will be able to deal with all issues concerning billing.

2. Analyze billing and production

In close collaboration with your sales department, the billing manager will also be responsible for putting in place tools that can ensure better control and monitoring of the budget framework and customer relations. The dashboards put in place will allow you to have an overview of the state of your production. You can also make your own tools available to the billing manager after a short training session.

3. Invoice tracking and payment recording

As the volume of invoices you issue to customers increases, you use an additional resource. Instead of increasing the cost of the increase in staff, you can have a virtual billing manager track and record payments. Since the billing officer also has a degree and experience in accounting, it is easy for him to account for customer payments, whether in cash or by bank. All you have to do is make the necessary information available for registration.

4. Collection of unpaid invoices

The billing manager will also be responsible for tracking and relaunching invoices that customers have not yet paid. You will benefit from the expertise of dedicated staff and better follow-up of your invoices. Delays in payment will be avoided at the very least.

5. Classification and archiving of invoices

Classification is the transaction that precedes the accounting process for invoices. A good classification by nature and by chronological order will allow you to lose no documents and save time. Your billing manager takes into account all the aspects related to the classification both for a huge volume and insignificant. An invoice classification plan and related elements must already be validated when the means are validated.

Contract terms

  • 20 hours of work per week minimum
  • Minimum contract duration: 3 months
  • Notice of departure: 2 months
  • Monthly invoice in Euros


Flexible offer

The different offers offered by MDG Services are adapted to your needs and your portfolio. Other support services may also complement these offers, such as accounting, vendor and tax assistance.

Productivity gain

By entrusting the billing tasks to the team at, you benefit from a regular analysis of your productions and billing and from a better follow-up of the payment statements of your invoices. A status of paid and unpaid invoices will be made available to you in real time.