For creating a company in Madagascar, MDG Services offer you the pack Company creation pack, the ideal formula when you want to start!

It takes about one week (7 working days), to properly create a company with the support of the team of, while respecting the Malagasy legislative and administrative framework (finance, social, commerce).


1 - The start-up phase

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Company creation and registration

Before starting a company, you will find the various tips to guide you towards the type of company adapted to your project, such as limited liability companies or individual companies, the unregulated activity or the regulated activity for the social object and the different institutions available for your tax and social obligations, while making available a comparative statement (costs, benefits).

Different evaluations and simulations are essential because they serve as a decision-making tool, ensuring the survival of your business. In the case of regulated activities (education, health, tourism, etc.), a ministerial authorization is required. In this case, support is necessary in the various studies as preparation of applications for authorization and monitoring of the progress of the applications until the desired authorization is obtained.

2 - The creation phase

This phase corresponds to the implementation of the validated information during the start-up phase. It is mainly the setting of the files necessary for the creation of your company. You would then be required to provide the documents relating to social leaders and the elements corresponding to the society to be created. The associated costs identified in the previous simulations are then made available to pay when submitting the creation files. Once all files are complete and ready to be filed (D-Day), you only have to wait four (04) days to get all the documents that support the creation of your business. The creation will be effective on the 4th day of deposit.

3 - Bank account opening

It should be noted that the creation of a company does not stop at tax and legal registrations. The opening of a bank account on behalf of your company is mandatory in accordance with the tax provisions in force, since it allows you to trace all company bank operations. The opening of accounts can take two forms: capital account (case of a limited company or a company that has not yet been able to complete the various registrations) and capital account (case of a company that already has the actual creation records).

Our long relationship with the local banks allows us to have the IBAN (Iinternational Bank Account Number) relating to your capital account within a few days. A capital account will be opened after one day. The transformation of the capital account into a demand account is then carried out without problems, on presentation of the cards and legal registration (kbis)

4 - Affiliation with social organizations

Once the bank account is opened, your company and your first employees are affiliated with social organizations in order to ensure your social obligations. We are looking after your affiliation to the social security (CNAPS or Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance Sociale) and the health organization of your choice based on comparative state. You will have your CNaPS registration number within 7 days, then your registration number with the healthcare organization of your choice.

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