Want to strengthen your resources to keep your accounts in good shape? guarantees you all the tasks related to accounting according to accounting standards, while respecting the confidentiality of the data processed. This guarantee is based on the team’s successful skills and experience.

An accounting assistant

Why hire a dedicated accounting assistant?

Want to optimize your costs while increasing your productivity? Want to free yourself from time-consuming accounting tasks? Want to streamline your recruitment process? Our solutions provide you with relevant and lasting solutions to these problems.

Our method of work:

1- Analysis of your needs:

identify tasks to delegate to your remote accounting support according to your industry, identify profiles adapted to your needs and suggest a schedule of start-up time.

2- Process creation:

describe the work procedures in line with your expectations to optimize outsourcing, present the pre-selected candidates meeting the required criteria, determine the outsourcing criteria (duration of the trial period, various supports).

3- Validation of means:

confirm the human resources among the candidates presented and validate the appropriate technical means as reliable communication tools

4- Transition to outsourcing

Missions supported by our accounting assistant

1- Accounting entry:

Whether it is invoices or accounting entries, your Virtual Accounting Assistant will enter these documents. The transmission of the parts is made from the predefined means of communication during the validation of the means (Dropbox, skype, mail, Google drive...)

Depending on your requirements, we can either use online accounting software or use your own tools after a short training. The objective is to maintain and update your accounts.

2- Miscellaneous reconciliation:

The mission of an accounting assistant covers the various reconciliations necessary for the proper keeping of your accounts. The difference between the reported and the recorded items is a source of tax relief, i.e., fines payable.

The reconciliations are based on different positions: turnover, staff costs, taxes, social security contributions, etc.

3- Preparation of annual accounts:

The presentation of year-end financial statements is one of the obligations of commercial corporations. In partnership with an accounting firm, the accountants selected at the time of process creation carry out all accounting tasks until the preparation of your financial statements. These statements mainly include the asset and liability balance sheet, the profit and loss account and the annexes necessary for a proper understanding of the balance sheet.

4- Maintenance of an inventory report :

You will be asked to produce a valued inventory report for the annual accounts. To have an up-to-date inventory report, you will need a wizard to record the entry and exit transactions of your current assets in order to optimize your time. Your virtual accounting assistant will be able to provide an inventory report and a depreciation schedule for your assets.

Contract terms

  • 20 hours of work per week minimum
  • Minimum contract duration: 3 months
  • Notice of departure: 2 months
  • Monthly invoice in Euros


The strength of a team

The MDG Services team is made up of experienced accountants led by its founder with more than twenty years of experience in finance and accounting. A profile can be detached on average within fifteen (15) days after the validation of the means. Time management and meeting deadlines are among our priorities.

The strength of the partner

MDG Services partners have had several years of successful experience in both the outsourcing of accounting and in the various assistance (tax, social, legal) of client companies. The quality of the services provided, the ethics and the confidentiality of the data exchanged are in addition.

Your time and cost savings

By having an accounting assistant outsourced your accounting, you reduce the time allocated to non-marketing activities. Your resource costs are also reduced. By optimizing your costs and time, outsourcing can only be a success!