In partnership with accounting firms, MDG Services sets up accounting outsourcing contracts. This includes bookkeeping and establishment of financial statements

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Entering accounting transactions

Entering accounting documents is a fundamental basis for accounting. It consists in recording the pre-coded accounting entries according to their nature. A good entry of accounting documents generates a faithful image of the assets and activity of a company.

Preparation of journal and ledger

The journal and general ledger are part of the mandatory accounting books that an entity with trader status must keep. The journal book displays all the movements affecting the assets of the company after the posting of entries; As for the general ledger, there are the movements shown in the journal, but classified by accounting account.

Establishment of annual accounts

From a tax point of view, the establishment of annual accounts is compulsory for any entity required to keep regular accounts. These accounts are presented by the year-end financial statements mainly comprising the balance sheet, the income statement and the appendices.

The elements of the assets and liabilities of the company are found on the balance sheet. The income statement includes expenses and income during a financial year.

The information necessary for reading and understanding the accounts can be found in the appendix.

A la carte services

Depending on your needs and in accordance with the obligations of a commercial company, the accounting firm, in collaboration with MDG Services, can provide you with the following services:

  • From accounting entry to the preparation of financial statements in accordance with the chart of accounts in force,
  • The audit of the annual accounts which will be the subject of an audit report,
  • The certification of year-end financial statements.

Why choose MDG Services?


Being in partnership with accountants, our missions are not limited only to the establishment of accounts according to the provisions of the Malagasy General Accounting Plan which is derived from the French PGC but also to the establishment of a mission of audit by experts who are members of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Financial Experts of Madagascar with whom we are in contact.


With a team of experienced accountants able to take charge of accounting-related tasks, MDG Services guarantees its clients that the missions of the accounting function are properly carried out and that the level of quality of the services provided is respected.