For your administrative and accounting needs, MDG can detach in less than 15 days qualified and competent personnel to take charge of general (accounting) or specific missions (management of supplier relations, management of invoicing etc.) The availability of personnel guarantees the availability of the resources dedicated to you!

Our expertise in governance

Accounting Assistant

An accounting assistant is in charge of the entry of the accounting documents, the preparation of the logbook and the general ledger and even the preparation of the annual accounts. The availability of an accounting assistant will allow you to avoid dependence on an accounting firm, while maintaining an up-to-date accounting situation.


Billing Manager

From invoice editing to customer payment, the billing manager takes charge of the billing management of your company. It monitors and analyzes the production carried out from your own dashboards or the tools we can put in place for you. In addition, it monitors payments and relaunches customers with various communication tools (e-mails, skype, dropbox, social networks...).

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Supplier Relations and Purchasing Officer

Attached to the Suppliers department of your company, the supplier relations and purchasing department takes care of the processing of invoices from your supplier portfolio (invoice entry, payment reminder, analysis of third party accounts ...). It will be able to select and identify key suppliers that meet your quality/price/delivery requirements.

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Tax Filer

A tax filer takes charge of the preparation and filing of your tax returns with the administration. With the evolution of tax laws, a tax filer will allow you to benefit from permanent assistance on changes in tax provisions. It also manages your company's tax schedule according to your tax system in order to free you from any form of penalty related to the deadlines to be met.

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1- Managing your time

Time management is important in the development of a society. Outsourcing administrative tasks means reducing the time allocated to non-commercial activities. Also, the proactive team at Madagascar Services ensures administrative and accounting oversight for its clients, which will allow them to save time in the various documents necessary for the development of their company..

2- To reduce your costs

The cost of making an external resource available should be less than that of a permanent resource to justify the value of the service outsourcing option. Compared to the provision of resources that only incur the cost of accompanying them, the provision of a resource is associated with the various considerable expenses, such as salary costs, training costs...

3- To focus on your core business

Entrusting the management of his company to a specialized provider like MDG Services will allow a contractor to remain focused on his core business. He will only need to identify his core business before determining which functions he can outsource.