Expatriating to Madagascar: Opportunities and Procedures


Expatriating to Madagascar offers a multitude of opportunities for those seeking to go beyond the borders of their country of origin. Madagascar, the majestic island of the Indian Ocean, attracts many expatriates each year in search of new professional and personal horizons.

However, for those who are planning to settle in this country with its invaluable natural and cultural wealth, be aware that specific administrative procedures, including applying for a visa, are required.

Visa Application and Assistance for Expatriating to Madagascar

The visa issue is crucial for any expatriation to Madagascar. Do you need a visa to reside in the country? The answer is yes. Moreover, there are different types of visas that the Malagasy administration issues depending on the reason and duration of stay.

  • Family reunification

Moreover, the documents required to obtain a visa depend on the nature of the visa. The same applies to the cost.

In conclusion, applying for a long-stay visa in Madagascar can be complex. In order to better support foreigners in this process, MDG Services offers its assistance services. We facilitate, in this perspective, the administrative procedures by guiding expatriates throughout the long-stay visa application process. Our expertise will simplify formalities and reduce the stress of settling in a new country.

Living and Doing Business in Madagascar: A Land of Flourishing

Meanwhile, once the visa has been obtained, the expatriate can begin to acclimatize to the Malagasy environment, which is known to favor professional and personal development. Madagascar is a country with a unique culture and a warm and welcoming people. Expatriates will find that it is easy to make friends and feel at home in Madagascar.

After that, Madagascar presents an attractive destination for entrepreneurs seeking new business ventures. The Malagasy government actively encourages foreign investment by offering various incentives, including tax breaks and streamlined administrative procedures. This supportive environment makes Madagascar an ideal setting for individuals seeking to launch their own businesses.

Integration and Social Life : Appreciating different values

Expatriation to Madagascar is not limited to professional considerations. It is also a rich human experience that involves adapting to a new culture, especially for foreigners who want to marry natives of the island. Immersing oneself in Malagasy society, learning its language, discovering its customs and traditions, while being exposed to a mosaic of fascinating climates, are all ways that contribute to enriching the expatriate’s journey.

On the other hand, social life in Madagascar is vibrant and welcoming. Expatriates have the opportunity to make friends with Malagasy people, participate in local events, and get involved in community initiatives. This social integration strengthens the bond with the host country and makes the expatriation experience even more rewarding.

Ultimately, expatriation to Madagascar represents another way to combine professional enrichment, personal adventures, and memorable encounters. With the help of MDG Services, administrative procedures, including the application for a long-stay visa, can be simplified. This will help you focus fully on your new life in the country.

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