Focus on the visa application for Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the most attractive tourist and commercial destinations. The uniqueness of the island’s natural wealth and cultural heritage creates the conditions for its attractiveness. Also, beautiful beaches, friendly locals and delicious cuisine are just some of the reasons why expatriates visit Madagascar.

A residence visa is the document that allows you to enter a country for a given period of time. The MDG Services team remains available to provide advice and guidance to expatriates in applying for a residence visa in Madagascar.

What are the types of visas in Madagascar ?

Before entering Madagascar, a convertible visa issued by the Embassy of Madagascar is required. Indeed, convertible visas are valid for 30 days and allow the holder to apply for a long term visa upon arrival in Madagascar.

Madagascar has several categories of visas, namely: investor, worker, retiree, family reunion, missionary.

  • The Investor Visa: ideal for project holders and investors in Madagascar;
  • The Worker Visa is for foreigners who wish to work in Madagascar;
  • The Family Reunion Visa allows family members to reunite;
  • The Retirement Visa is reserved for foreigners who wish to spend their retirement in the Big Island.

What documents are required to obtain a visa for Madagascar?

The documents required to obtain a visa for Madagascar are listed according to the type of visa requested. Starting with the investor visa, click here. Then family reunion visa here, retirement visa in this article and finally worker visa.

In the case of a worker visa, one of the conditions for obtaining it is the possession of an employment authorization issued by the Ministry of Labor.

In the case of a worker visa, one of the conditions for obtaining it is the possession of an employment authorization issued by the Ministry of Labor.

As for the investor visa, the creation of a company is recommended before applying for this type of visa. Indeed, the status and tax card of the company is among the documents required to apply for an investor visa in Madagascar when submitting the application to the EDBM.

About the family reunification visa, it is ideal for foreigners who opt for a marriage with a Malagasy.

How much does it cost to apply for a visa to Madagascar?

The right to visa and residence card in Madagascar depends on the duration of stay granted by the Malagasy administration. Also, below is a comparative table of the right of stay and resident card taking into account the duration of stay.

Chart of the right of residence visa and resident card in Madagascar

Note that the visa for Madagascar will allow you to live a great adventure. Other than that, you will get to know emblematic cities, other cultures and other people.

La procédure de délivrance d’un visa long séjour prend généralement quelques mois après le dépôt de la demande. Pour le renouvellement de visa, il est recommandé d’entamer la procédure au moins 3 mois avant l’expiration du visa.

MDG SERVICES is a company that will take care of your visa application for Madagascar. Contact us for more information.