Living and Entrepreneurship in Madagascar


With its heavenly beaches, fascinating biodiversity, and unique cultural practices, Madagascar is an exceptional tourist destination. But did you know that this magnificent Indian Ocean island is also an excellent investment destination? Many entrepreneurs choose the expatriation to Madagascar to take advantage of a plethora of business opportunities.

Setting Up Your Business in Madagascar: A World of Advantages

First and foremost, by deciding to open a company or branch in Madagascar, investors gain access to a strategic gateway to a vast consumer market. Indeed, the Big Island is a member of several regional free trade communities. In addition, there are many of them such as SADC, IOC, and COMESA. Membership in these organizations allows companies established in the country to reach over 600 million potential customers in Africa and the Indian Ocean. They don’t face customs barriers.

On the other hand, the affordable costs of local labor and raw materials make Madagascar an attractive choice for entrepreneurs. It’s the case for those seeking competitiveness and profitability. Finally, the abundance of natural resources on the Red Island allows for numerous economic activity possibilities. Alot of various sectors are available: agribusiness, tourism, mining, crafts, renewable energy, etc.

Expatriation to Madagascar: An Opportunity for Exceptional Adventures

In addition to being the ideal place to develop a business, the island continent is also a great place to live. By choosing to expatriate to Madagascar, you will enjoy the beauty of the country. So make the most of your holidays to indulge in exotic activities such as:

  • Visit the national parks of Ranomafana, Andasibe, or Ankarafantsika to discover endemic fauna and flora (lemurs, chameleons, turtles, birds, baobabs, orchids, etc.);
  • Admire a magnificent sunset on the Avenue of the Baobabs;
  • Go diving in Ifaty to appreciate the marine biodiversity of the Big Island;
  • Go hiking and explore exceptional natural sites such as the Isalo Massif, the Tsingy de Bemaraha, and the Amber Mountain;
  • And much more.

Moreover, it is easy to make friends in Madagascar. Indeed, the Malagasy people are particularly known for their hospitality. Sociable and welcoming, the inhabitants of the island are particularly kind as long as one respects the customs and traditions in force. In addition, you will undoubtedly also have the opportunity to meet other expatriates from different countries by joining a foreign community.

The formalities for a successful expatriation to Madagascar

Please note that you must initiate a Madagascar visa application before settling on the Red Island. To begin, you must obtain a transformable visa from the Madagascar embassy in your country before your departure. Valid for a period of 30 days, this type of visa allows you to then apply for a long-stay visa such as an investor visa upon your arrival.

But as an entrepreneur, you certainly do not have the time to carry out such a procedure. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to entrust this mission to a service provider specialized in the field. Precisely, MDG Services offers Madagascar expatriation assistance. In other words, we support you in the administrative procedures for any application for a residence visa, whether it is an investor visa or a family reunification visa to bring your family. Our experienced team can also take care of obtaining a worker’s visa if you plan to expatriate one of your employees. Whatever your situation, MDG Services is the ideal partner for the success of your expatriation project in Madagascar.