Madagascar is a large island that is not only home to exceptional biodiversity and a large number of endemic species, but also a treasure island hiding coveted natural wealth. We live on a gold mine, but also above precious stones, rare and valuable jewels. All these wonders encourage investors to decide to expatriate to Madagascar.

Madagascar: A Land of Natural Resources

Madagascar is endowed with a vast array of natural resources, including graphite, chromite, coal, bauxite, salt, quartz, oil sands, mica, and various semi-precious stones.

The presence of kimberlite rocks, known as the “mothers” of diamonds, confirms the existence of diamonds in Madagascar. These kimberlite zones can be found in Andohamasoandro, Tsiazomboalavo, Nosy-Varika, and Mandritsara.

Madagascar rubies are among the most valuable gemstones in the world, with some specimens even rarer than diamonds. Renowned for their deep red color, indicative of chromium content, they are often referred to as “pigeon blood” in the West. The largest deposits are located in the Andilamena province, northeast of Antananarivo, and command high prices on the international market.

Less well-known than other precious stones, Madagascar emeralds are exceptionally rare. They possess a unique saturated green color, resembling that of tourmaline. The most significant emerald deposit on the island is located in Kianjavato, in the eastern region.

Mining in Madagascar

Many foreign investors already have exploration permits. Several mines are already in operation. Mining resources are attracting more and more investors to Madagascar. As a result, these investors are deciding to expatriate to Madagascar. However, it is important to first learn about the different steps involved in setting up a mining company in Madagascar, as the Malagasy mining sector is governed by the Mining Code.

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