The purpose of wage portage

Nowadays, the wage portage is fairly widespread, although others do not know any benefit. It is specified in its warranty to the service provider. This warranty is based on the fact that the relevant service provider is free from all liability. Indeed, there is no risk in being the salary carrier of any client company. Others see it as a new form of employment midway between the contractor and the worker.


Portages can be involved in many fields, whether internal to the Nation or an international order, we can list for example

  • Real estate portage
  • Entrepreneurial portage
  • Wage portage simulation
  • Wage portage advice
  • IT freelancing

The wage portage is mainly interesting for short-term projects or for a structure that is not implemented locally.


It is the relationship between three parties under the effect of a contract. The contract is a performance made on behalf of third parties.

The contract involves three persons, namely:

  • The client company
  • The wage porter company
  • And finally, the employee

Another contract is established between the wage porter company and the employee, hence the status of employee.

The wage portage, apart from its guarantee against any attainment of the responsibility of the provider and for the optimization of costs related to the creation of the company and its management throughout its life until its liquidation, also allows the consultant who wishes to:

  • Exercise his activity independently: he invoices his interventions in the form of fees.
  • Avoid administrative, legal, tax and accounting treatment related to the activity of freelance.
  • Retain all benefits related to employee status.
  • Develop an independent professional activity, while maintaining the social coverage of a conventional employee.


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