What is a convertible visa?

Any expatriate wishing to settle in Madagascar must present themselves and apply for a convertible visa at the Embassy of Madagascar of their country of origin.
This type of visa will be issued, with a validity of 1 (one) month, from the arrival of the person concerned in the country. The transformable visa must be motivated by the applicant’s reasons for stay, including:

  • Investor
  • Worker/Expatriate /Internship/Mission
  • Retired
  • Family Reunification

What is the difference between a convertible visa and other visas?

As its name indicates, a convertible visa is only temporary because it is valid for one month, whereas the other residence visas are not valid while remaining valid for the duration during which the holder is allowed to stay in Madagascar.

Any foreigner must leave the Malagasy territory at the expiry of the residence visa granted. The holder of a convertible visa must take the necessary steps to obtain a long-stay visa upon arrival in Madagascar. Otherwise, he has to leave the country and come back to reapply. As for other visas already in progress, it would be prudent to build up the renewal files well before its expiry.

The issuance of a visa, whether it is convertible or a long stay, is conditional on the presentation of original documents (criminal record, marriage certificate, birth certificate, Company file, employment authorization, etc.)

The Embassy and Honorary Consulates of Madagascar may only issue a visa “a month that can be transformed and extended into a long-stay visa” for residents of their respective jurisdictions. Nationals of countries where Madagascar does not have the Representations must apply beforehand, either by post, through a duly authorized third party, a boarding agreement or a 72-hour visa with the Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM) for the purpose of obtaining convertible visas upon their arrival in Madagascar.

What are the files to be provided and the associated costs for obtaining a convertible visa?

For any application, there are common documents to be provided. The additional documents differentiate the types of visa requested.
The documents to be provided for the 72-hour entry visa for the purpose of obtaining a convertible Visa

ID Photo (2)
Reasoned request to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (1)
Criminal record extract issued by country of origin <6 months (1)
Photocopy of passport (1)
Information Package (1)
Certificate of accommodation and assumption with legalized signature or Lease agreement with legalized signature (1)
Photocopy of the National Identity Card (CIN) or Resident Card (CR) of the host (1)
or Certificate of residence of the host (1)
Legal Power of Attorney (1)
Additional documents for Investor: documents justifying the existence of the company
Extra documents for expatriate worker: employer’s employment permit and documents justifying the existence of the company (1)
Family Class Documents Extra: Supporting Documents

Fee: 140.000 Ar payable in cash at the Tax Center of the EDBM for Visa of one (01) month convertible and extendable in long stay (immigrant visa).

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  • verification of the completeness of the files before filing
  • the monitoring of the progress of the dossiers until the issue of the convertible visa.
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