CIPENS: get your cards ready !

A tourist destination for some, an island of opportunity for others. Madagascar is an ideal expatriation country. Thanks to its numerous business opportunities, its wealth of natural resources still very exploitable without forgetting its reasonable workforce, investing in Madagascar is quite possible!  An expatriate “investor” must hold an investor category residence card and a Professional Identity Card for Non-Salaried Foreigners (CIPENS).

CIPENS, a mandatory card for all investors

Article 10 of Law n°62-006 of June 6, 1962 stipulates that “a foreigner who is not a salaried employee may only practice a commercial, industrial, artisanal or other profession in Madagascar if he or she holds, in addition to a residence card, a special card called a “professional identity card”.  Although this law dates back to the sixties, this card is largely unknown by all, yet it is mandatory for any expatriate investor!

So think about getting your CIPENS, because it will be useful to you in the exercise of your function within the company, in the 2 months of the beginning of the activity of the company. Please note that the issuance of the card is subject to a fee at the Regional Trade Office of your place of business.

The files to be provided to obtain a CIPENS

It is obtained from the Regional Direction of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts Analamanga (known by the name “Faritany”) with the following files :

  1. A motivated request addressed to the Regional Director …
  2. A criminal record
  3. A certified copy of your passport with visa, resident card, tax card and statistical card
  4. An extract from the Register of Commerce and Company
  5. A copy of the Statute of the Company 
  6. A certificate of existence of the place of operation
  7. A certificate of residence
  8. A recent passport photo
  9. A certificate of declaration

Please note that your CIPENS card must be renewed three months before its expiration.

Please note! The holder of this card must not have a criminal or penal conviction, or even make false declarations in his application for the card. The profession must correspond to the one declared in the application.

For a successful accompaniment in the regularity of your expatriation files, call upon the team of madagascar-services