What about us ?

We are a growing agency

In 2015, Petite-Entreprise.net received 6.7 million visits on social networks from entrepreneurs from France and abroad. Every day, these entrepreneurs find thousands of useful information in their daily business life, and are accompanied in a way:

  • personalized in their projects.
    1. Much more than an information site, we have created Petite-Entreprise.net to provide concrete, on-the-ground answers to all the questions asked by the small business manager.
    2. The company unite our goal then it becomes a natural to make the quality

Our dream? That the 3 million TPE-PME in France succeed… thanks to us!

Our hearing is controlled by a bailiff: see the minutes of the hearingvoir le procès verbal d’audience


The days of the “big bosses”, only to be surrounded by advisors and other consultants, are over. We have created Petite-Entreprise.net so that the creators and managers of small structures can be just as well supported, but with rates, services and practical advice that meet their objectives.

Odile Olivier, director of Petite-Entreprise.net

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